Southern NJ Alumni Chapter Scholarships

In February 2014, a group of WVU alumni, parents and friends of WVU created the WVU Southern NJ Alumni Chapter to serve the growing number of students, parents and alumni living in Southern NJ. One of our long-term goals is to establish a permanently-endowed scholarship fund for WVU undergraduate students from Southern NJ. Through the efforts of WVU Foundation, Inc., we have created of the Southern New Jersey Alumni Chapter Scholarship and Eric S. Schaetzle Memorial Scholarship; which are both tax-deductible scholarship funds.

Through December 2021, our scholarship funds have award $24,000 to Southern NJ students of which $14,000 under the Chapter Scholarship Fund, $3,000 under the Schaetzle Memorial Scholarship Fund and $7,000 under the "Pride of West Virginia" March Band Scholarship Fund.

Chapter Endowment Scholarship (Fully Funded)

In May, 2018 we finished raising the required $25,000 minimum to fully endowed this scholarship, which will provide in perpetuity, at least one annual scholarship for a WVU student from Southern New Jersey. As of December 2021 the Chapter Scholarship Fund (3Z583) had a market value of $45,451.

Eris S. Schaetzle Memorial Scholarship (Partly Funded)

In March, 2019 we established the Eric S. Schaetzle Memorial Scholarship who passed away in a car accident on his way home shortly after graduating from WVU in December 2014.  Once we raise the required $25,000, the scholarship will be fully endowed and will provide in perpetuity, at least one annual scholarship for a WVU student from Southern New Jersey. As of December 2021 the Memorial Scholarship Fund (3Z913) had a value of $17,215.

Fundraising Details

These endowments will provide scholarships for undergraduate students enrolled at West Virginia University who have graduated from a Southern NJ High School in any of the following counties:

Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Mercer and Salem Counties.

The recipient(s) will be determined by the WVU Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships and will be awarded in the name of the Southern New Jersey Alumni Chapter Scholarship or the Eric S. Schaetzle Memorial Scholarship.  Upon authorization for the recipient(s), we will publicly acknowledge the name of the recipient(s). 

Donate to Scholarship Fund

Donate Online Now - use this link to donate on-line to either of the two available scholarship funds.  Both are available on the link provided.  Just click the scholarship you wish to donate to show the donation options (gold). 


All donors will be recognized by the WVU Foundation via an email and/or letter.  We would love to recognize donors on the Chapter's website, so if you wish to be recognized please email us at the address below.  

We hope you consider participating in this endeavor. With the growing number of Southern New Jersey students attending WVU, as well as our growing alumni base, it is important that we create a permanent vehicle to ensure WVU's legacy in Southern NJ.

If you have any questions or interest in either chapter membership, or participating in our scholarship fund, please contact us at Let’s Go Mountaineers!